Best Digital Marketing Inc. Testimonials

Here at Best digital Marketing Incorporated we are very proud of the service we provide for our customers on a daily basis. In fact, we see and value client relationship drastically more personal than most agencies in our field. We do not believe that client relationships start at 9AM and end at 6PM— Our client Relationships are continuous, we believe our clients should continually receive the quality service they deserve.

“We’ve looked at a lot of SEO solutions but these guys were always the clear favourite. Dani has the right strategy, him and his team have been awesome to work with.”
Irene Walker
Mortgage Lender, The right Mortgage Choice.
"Dani Diaw really is the Yoda of digital marketing. He has always been consistent with us and his track record of delivering results is impressive. His knowledge of the right channel and strategy is vast, he is super energetic and always out there on the lookout for better strategies. I trust his insights and opinion explicitly. If I want to get more business from digital marketing,Best Digital Marketing Inc. is absolutely my go-to .We have a constant flow of new leads thanks to Dani's amazing SEO team. They really gave us all the tools to convert our leads into customers.”
Jeoffrey Polker
National Sales Coach; Easy Mortgage LLC
“Best Digital Marketing Inc has really made a huge difference in my business. They executed a well though-out plan which has very positively affected my business. I can’t thank Dani and his team enough for propelling me upwards in my search rankings , I really look forward to a long-standing and lucrative business relationship with them. This incredible team managed to not only get us top positions on Google for all of our top keywords, but they kept us there, as well! I would highly recommend Dani to anyone.”
Gabriel Okoyate
Quality Realty Mortgage and Finance
“The hard-working team of Best Digital Marketing Inc. provides a consistent stream of fresh leads while equipping us with what we need to turn those into loyal, repeat customers. Dani and his team are awesome. Kind, effective, professional service – without any of the over the top aggressive sales tactics his competitors often tried on me”
Kalim A. Wadi.
Mortgage Lender; LDC Lending.
''If you want to know cutting edge information on marketing on Google and Facebook then you need to connect with Dani Diaw, Best Digital Marketing Inc is a great company that helps us translate likes, shares and comments into actual new business.”
Lucy Sanford
The Lucy Sanford Team
“The team at Best Digital Marketing Inc. really take the time to learn about your industry, market and business, they then develop a program that generates traffic and active leads for your business. I honestly cannot say enough of my account rep, Dani Diaw, he has assisted me every step of the way to put together Google and FB ads that have been generating me active leads. Highly Recommended!!!!”
Summer Cannon
Mortgage Lender, Eagle Mortgage
“Dani comes with my highest recommendations.

I admire the fact that he is brilliant, energetic and always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to better serve his clients. He is always willing to test out his new approaches by providing them for FREE at first.

You would be doing yourself a favour to align yourself with Dani as I have, he will be the most valuable asset your company has ever invested in thus far.”
Matthew White
Chief Strategist, The Mortgage Marketing Guys
“My company’s Google rankings and overall site traffic improved dramatically after just a few months of working with Dani and his team of marketing geniuses. The service we’ve received from them has consistently been above and beyond our expectations. Thanks Dani!”
David Lee
Sales Manager, New American Funding
Got my team and I into the Google SEO pack and we have seen our call traffic increase drastically. Since working with Best Digital It’s always great for us to hear that a lot of our new leads and clients are coming to us from Google! Thank you to Dani and Best Digital Marketing Team for all of your help!
Enrique Wilons
Shopify Store Owner.
They Provide invaluable service and have added a lot of revenue to my business. They are the best of the best!!!
John Stemp
Mortgage Loan Originator
These guys honestly know what they are doing and their results are tangible. I really love their hands on approach, my account manager is Dani the CEO himself; I can imagine he is busy but I receive weekly calls from him with updates on my campaigns; he's always willing to explain and walk me through all the technical jargon. Thanks my guy!
Antonio Fidaly
Mortgage Broker.
In the beginning I had no idea of what SEO was or what it could do for my business; after working with these guys I now have a solid understanding, but even so, I don't have to really worry about all the techy stuff, as my account manager has his hands on the wheel! :)
Lauren Kroft
CEO of Kroft Construction
Simply the best marketing service I have ever had!
Cindy Mill
Sales Coordinator