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Here at Best Digital Marketing Inc. we've differentiate ourselves from the competitors by creating a department that specializes in generating quality leads that convert into loans for Mortgage professionals.

Our proprietary Lead Generation process for Mortgage Professionals is simple yet effective. On average our clients see between 30-100 leads per month and their reported conversion rate on those leads is 4%; our clients are on average reporting 2-4 closed loans each month.

The first step in the process is a successful Lead Generation campaign.

This is why we have put together a proprietary targeted ad campaign portfolio for our clients. We utilize top platforms such as Google/ YouTube and Instagram/Facebook to run ad campaigns targeted specifically to individuals seeking your business; these campaigns include but are not limited to:

  • Refinance campaigns
  • New Homebuyer campaigns
  • Second time/ Move-up buyer campaign
  • Veteran campaign
  • Realtor partner campaign
  • Realtor listing campaigns,
  • etc...

We create you amazing landing pages tailored to your business and customized for the services you provide; we use these landing pages to vet the quality of your leads.

Our Landing pages have been carefully design through expert research. We have worked with multiple Mortgage professionals from various industries and through trial and error have put together a database of the highest converting landing pages for all the various industries and locations.

You Get a say as well! Your account manager will provide you with our highest converting landing pages in your targeted industry and will customize it to your liking while maintaining the structures and aspects we believe play a role in the conversion rate.

The difference between a warm lead and  cold leads in the mortgage industry is about 2 minutes. It is crucial for your business to contact your leads in the first 2 minutes of them coming through your funnel. This would be a rather difficult task to accomplish manually, that is why we have included with each campaign, automated custom followup sequences that send out voicemails, texts and emails to your incoming and existing leads; this what helps convert your leads into funded loans.

We even have followup campaigns to re-warm up your list of cold leads. We will also provide you with a followup template we call the 'Near Future Nurture'; this will be used to followup with any lead that is not ready to buy currently but will be a good lead for the near future.

Weekly Reporting and Analytics

Your personal account manager will provides you with a transparent and detailed weekly report of everything that is happening on your account via a live zoom call sharing his screen of the behind the scenes with you

We work hand in hand with you to ensure you understand what is happening in the background and how our efforts are resulting in a direct ROI for you.

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